Accessibility Add Traits Modifier

The Accessibility Add Traits modifier adds the traits specified to a layer.


While each layer has its own set of default traits, you can modify them with the Accessibility Add Traits modifier, which informs assistive technologies how to interact with a layer.

You can set one of the following Accessibility Traits that describe how an element should behave:

  • Button - The accessibility element is a Button.
  • Header - The accessibility element is a header that divides content into sections, like the title of a navigation bar.
  • Link - The accessibility element is a link.
  • Modal - The accessibility element is modal. Use this trait to restrict which accessibility elements an assistive technology can navigate to. When a modal accessibility element is visible, sibling accessibility elements that are not modal are ignored.
  • Summary - The accessibility element provides summary information when the application starts. Use this trait to characterize an accessibility element that provides a summary of current conditions, settings, or state, such as the temperature in Apple’s Weather app.
  • Starts Media - The accessibility element starts a media session when it is activated. Use this trait to silence the audio output of an assistive technology, such as VoiceOver, during a media session that should not be interrupted. For example, you might use this trait to silence VoiceOver speech while the user is recording audio.

For example, by adding the Link trait to this Text layer, VoiceOver will announce “link” after reading the item’s Accessibility Label. In this case, it will read “Hello world link”.


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