Accessibility Element Modifier

The Accessibility Element modifier is used to control how your app treats accessibility elements within related layers.


To provide a more user-friendly experience for people who use assistive technologies such as Apple’s VoiceOver, use the Accessibility Element modifier. With the Children parameter, you can set how your app structures the accessibility information for each layer and its children. It can take one of the following values:

  • Combine - Treats child elements as a single unit for accessibility.
  • Contain - Treats child elements individually for accessibility.
  • Ignore - Ignores child accessibility elements.

Take, for example, two separate Text layers embedded in an HStack. If you apply the Accessibility Element modifier and set the Children parameter to Combine, VoiceOver will combine the two Text layers, but add a pause between the two as they aren’t necessarily designed to be read together.

Therefore, in this instance, select the Ignore parameter instead and then apply the Accessibility Label modifier with both words in the Label. This way, all of the text will be read together which is more natural.

If you wanted VoiceOver to read each word separately despite being embedded in an HStack, set the Children parameter to Contain instead.


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