Video Player

A Video Player is a layer that displays content from a video player and a native user interface to control playback.


Insert the Video Player layer to your design to add a video and configure it with a URL of a hosted video.

To insert a Video Player layer, create a Video property or attach it to an already created property, and add the URL of the video to the property. The video is playable when previewing your design in the Judo iOS app or your own app when embedding a Judo file in an Xcode project.

<div class="callout note">Note
The Video Player does not work with platforms like YouTube, which require you to use their own custom player. Instead, insert a URL that points directly to a video file or stream. You can find example links, here.</div>

A Video Player comes with an Overlay parameter where you can insert layers that appear on top of the Video Player.



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