Tab Item Modifier

The Tab Item modifier sets the Tab Bar item associated with each screen or layer.


A Tab Bar Item represents an item in a Tab View layer, which is typically used to implement a Tab Bar in an app. A Tab Bar allows users to switch between different sections of an app easily. Use the Tab Item modifier to specify the content of the Tab Bar item. It consists of an Icon, usually an SF Symbol, and a Title.

When building an app with a tab bar, apply the Tab Item modifier to each screen’s instance on the main screen.

A Tab Bar Item can also be used to implement a Page Control for a carousel. However, for a paged Tab View layer, you can only change the Icon. If you add a Title, it will not affect the indicators in your Page Control.

<div class="callout note">Note
The Tab View container will always display the Fill variant of an SF Symbol, if available. For example, if you select <code>star</code>, it will automatically use <code>star.fill</code>.


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