Text Input

Secure Field

Secure Field is a control into which the user securely enters private text.


Use the Secure Field control when you want behavior similar to a Text Field, but you don’t want the user’s text to be visible. Typically, you use this for entering passwords and other sensitive information.

A Secure Field consists of a Label and a binding Text or Number value. The field gets updated with every keystroke or other edit, but only executes when the user commits their edits, such as by pressing the Return key.

It can be customized with the Text Field Style modifier.

Label Parameter

Use the Label parameter as placeholder text or to set an explicit prompt to guide users on what text they should provide.

Text Parameter

To ensure that the Secure Field control works when a user interacts with it, place the Secure Field in a component and bind the Text parameter to a Text or Number component property. You can either create the property before you bind it or create the property directly in the control parameters in the Inspector panel.



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