Underline Modifier

The Underline modifier applies an underline to Text layers.


Apply the Underline modifier to Text layers to add a line under the text. By default, the Underline modifier will be Active, styled in a Solid pattern, and in the Primary Label Color.

To remove the underline, either delete the modifier or change its Is Active parameter to False. This Boolean parameter indicates whether the text has an underline.

You can choose from 5 different patterns: Solid, Dot, Dash, Dash Dot, Dash Dot Dot.

From the Color drop-down, you can select a color from the list or choose a Custom Color. Note that if the Foreground Color modifier is applied to the Text or parent layer, the color of the underline will not be affected.

The Underline modifier can flow down the layer hierarchy, affecting all applicable child layers. For example, you can apply the modifier to a VStack to configure all the Text layers within it.

Pro Tip
With the applicable layer selected, you can use the keyboard shortcut ⌘U to add the Underline modifier.



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