Text Input

Text Content Type Modifier

The Text Content Type modifier sets the text content type for a layer, which the system uses to offer suggestions while the user enters text.


Use the Text Content Type modifier to set the content type for input text. This modifier identifies the semantic meaning expected for a text-entry area and offers suitable suggestions.

For example, you can configure a Text Field for the entry of email addresses.

Here’s a complete list of all available content types.

<span style="color: #06013a;">Name</span>

  • Name - A full name.
  • Name Prefix - A title or prefix for a name.
  • Given Name - A given name.
  • Middle Name - A middle name.
  • Family Name - A last name.
  • Name Suffix - A suffix for a name.
  • Nickname - A nickname.

<span style="color: #06013a;">Employment</span>

  • Job Title - A job title.
  • Organization Name - An organization’s name.

<span style="color: #06013a;">Address</span>

  • Location - A point of interest, address, or other identifiable location.
  • Full Street Address - The full street address for a location, including the unit or suite number.
  • Street Address Line 1 - The first line of a street address.
  • Street Address Line 2 - The second line of a street address.
  • Address City - The name of a city.
  • Address City And State - The name of a city and state.
  • Address State - The name of a state.
  • Postal Code - A postal code.
  • Sublocality - The sublocality.
  • Country Name - The name of a country or region.

<span style="color: #06013a;">Contact Information</span>

  • Telephone Number - A telephone number.
  • Email Address - An email address.

<span style="color: #06013a;">Login Credentials</span>

  • Username - An account or login name.
  • Password - An existing password.
  • New Password - A new password.
  • One Time Code - A one-time code.

<span style="color: #06013a;">Other</span>

  • URL - A URL.
  • Credit Card Number - A credit card number.
  • Shipment Tracking Number - A shipping tracking number.
  • Flight Number - A flight number.
  • Date Time - A date and time.
  • None - Clears the content type.


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