Ignores Safe Area Modifier

The Ignores Safe Area modifier expands a layer out of its safe area.


When you insert a layer that fills its parent's space—such as a Rectangle—you'll see that by default, it respects the safe area. This ensures that your content is not occluded by the notch on your screen and that your content does not interfere with the use of the home indicator.

The safe area also grows when a system keyboard appears, reducing the space offered to the layers which leads them to compress to make space for the keyboard.

You can override these behaviors to extend into the safe areas with the use of the Ignores Safe Area modifier. This modifier takes two parameters: Regions and Edges.


  • All - Layers extend into all the safe area regions, both the container and keyboard regions
  • Container - Layers extend into containers within the user interface, including elements such as top and bottom bars, but continue to contract when a keyboard appears
  • Keyboard - Layers do not contract or move when the software keyboard appears


  • All - All edges of the layer are ignored
  • Vertical - The vertical edges of the layer are inset
  • Horizontal - The horizontal edges of the layer are inset
  • Independent - Only the edge(s) specified in the layer are ignored



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